Tuning & Maintenance

Tuning & Maintenance

Our experienced staff is available for any cross country ski repair and service needs.

Basic Binding installation is free with purchase of any skis & bindings. Purchase of skis only, installation is $20 for screw in type. Purchase of any ski includes a wax.

Call or stop by the Aspen Cross Country Center for more information on lessons or tours.

Binding Installation

Salomon Prolink, Profil, Pilot, and SNS (requiring drilling)
NNN I, NNN II, Turnamic and BC (requiring drilling)
Binding installation or adjustment with no drilling

Waxing & Ski Prep

Basic Hot Wax (Swix CH or PS)
Performance Hot Wax (Swix TS)
Race Hot Wax (Swix HS)
Swix Cera Wax
5-Punch Hot Wax Pass (Swix CH or PS)
5 Punch Performance Hot Wax Pass (Swix TS)
Paste Wax (F4)
Kick Wax
Kick Wax (Klister)
Kick Wax Cleaning
Klister Cleaning
Fancy Base Prep
$90.00/hr + materials

Other Shop Work

Shorten pole/replace handle
Remove/replace pole basket
Other shop work

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